Francesca Murray is a single stay at home mom, a transformational guide (Alchemy of the mind program), public speaker, and the founder of Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives free program for men. 

Formerly a Microsoft certified office specialist, portfolio analyst, project manager, business analyst, and software specialist; 3.5 years ago, Francesca moved to a homeless shelter. Her kind hearted nature quickly led her to helping other women in the shelter with food and resources. And it was during this journey; a few gap analysis later, and a spiritually enlightening experience, Francesca discovered her life’s purpose.  To build a healing centre for men and offer the services for FREE.

She began creating Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives program. What she didn't expect is that this was about to be her biggest transformation yet; as her perceptions begin to change, her experiences began showing her, that it was because of her life's most difficult journey,  she had discovered her life's purpose.

"I prayed, I couldn't believe this crazy idea was real, I had 50 questions and thoughts running through my head,  which man is going to show up?, I'm a woman, are they going to come to my healing centre?, plus, I had no money.  The idea just seemed unreal, plus, somewhere within me  I thought, I have no idea how I was going to even begin forgiving certain men. In my mind, I thought if I am creating a program for men then I need to forgive every man I know,  So I  prayed harder and asked the creator to show me how, and to show me that this is indeed my life's purpose.  3 days later I was invited for a free viewing of Baptiste de Pape’s movie: The power of the heart. What I didn’t expect ; this movie was the big universal confirmation that I had prayed for".  That night, and the days that followed was the most powerful transformation that I would ever experience. And it was here, curled up in a fetal position in my bath tub with water drenching my entire being, my real journey began...

The journey from my head to my heart. "I had no idea what I was committing to, but I'm glad I did"

Continuing to cultivate and unfold; Francesca feels a deep sense of gratitude for all that played a role in shaping her to acheive what she has today.  In July 2017 she experienced her 3rd level of enlightment; and the exciting discovery of a world beyond time, space, and all that is; a world where nothingness holds the power of everything, and the universal key of magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9.   

Francesca’s passion and mission is to “restore balance” by bringing peace and love to all of humanity. She believes that this can be accomplished by awakening all of humanity's consciousness; bringing the karmic cycles of suffering to an end.  We start by healing our men because they are humans too, and weren’t born this way. 

My centre will provide services to men for FREE.

I have a dream…. Francesca Murray


Francesca worked corporately for 14 years moonlighting between various analytical roles, from administrator to 1st level technical support, project manager and later on business and portfolio analyst. Microsoft Certified, and a SME (subject matter expert) on gap analysis and various organizational process development, Francesca soared throughout her career. Between her high level of performance, and giving back to the community through volunteer work with various organizations like the United Way, Aids Committee of Toronto, Habitat for Humanity, and The Christmas Bureau, Francesca worked on several projects that involved helping those who struggled. Her “can do” and “let me see what I can do to help you” attitude, eventually led to her winning multiple awards, gaining recognition in the corporate sector.

Her quality of work and high level performance resulted in her sitting on BMONB diversity council recognition and celebrations committee, executive presentation teams, winning an employee of the quarter award (TCPL), multiple departmental CEO awards, all while overcoming hurdles of adversity with grace.  Her recent track record and accomplishments not only compliments her previous track record, but has proven that Francesca is committed to serving a greater purpose and those in need. 

Francesca is the voice of advocacy for change, to end the silent epidemic of issues relating to mental health that often results in violence against families (men, women, and children). Her goal is to ensure that both men and women receive the right support that they need, and that both parents are equipped with the appropriate resources to work in the best interest of their children. Her long term goal is to open a heart based healing centre for men.  

In April 2017, Francesca successfully launched a  FREE 4 day workshop - part of the healing centre intiative called: Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives Program for Men.​​

To learn more about: Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives, a FREE program for men, or to find out how you can be a part of this beautiful vision, please click on the link below:

Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives

Her favorite quote by Tesla: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, you would have a key to the universe".  This formula was used by Martin Luther King and Ghandi.

I have a dream....

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Picture Highlights
Pictures of me and the team I've worked with during parts of my corporate career.  BMONB Executive team (I sat on the diversity council, lead and volunteered for major fundraising events, I was also the point person for the executive presentation committee.  And I was responsible for leading employees and their families on a team building Eco Friendly wilderness retreat to Northern Edge Algonquin in 2001.

Coast Mental Health 2016 Courage to come back awards nominee

About 2 months ago, I was nominated for the Courage to come back award. Although I did not win the award, I am deeply honoured to have been nominated.

If you wish to know where your donations goes: well here it is.  I can tell you as a recepient, it gets to the recepient.  So please donate to strong kids and thank you. 

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I am the new face of this years YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  Here is a sneak peak.  You can see me on posters in my cariature form and read more about how the YMCA has helped me by visiting the Robert Lee YMCA located on Barclay & Burrard Street in Vancouver.  

I am scheduled to promote a 2nd campaign kick off..... more details to follow, stay tuned!!. ​Pic on the left: Sarah Rush, Me, Charlotte, Diana

Sense of place with: Minelle Mahtani & Rumana Monzur

Listen to my recent interview with Roundhouse Radio Vancouver 98.1 here:

You can read more about Francesca's giving accomplishments by checking out her:
Power of Giving Page

YMCA Power of Giving Breakfast
YMCA Campaign Kickoff speech to Board of Directors

On Thursday October 28th, 2015: Francesca shared her story and how the YMCA is helping her get back on her feet during her greatest time of need.  Although the intention of this breakfast wasn't to raise money, the investors were so inspired and shocked by her story, they took out their cheque books and donated a total of $57,000.00 dollars to the strong kids campaign. 

On Tuesday February 16th, 2016: Francesca was invited again to share her story, this time to the Board of Director's for their fundraising kick off campaign.  This resulted in a pledge from the BOD that is the highest the YMCA's board has ever pledged in the history of their campaign.

The answer to your life's purpose, lies in your life's journey

SoulTalks Vancouver Island - Shawnigan Lake 2016

On Saturday July 30th, I was honored to deliver my soul led message to the audiance about breaking the cycle of abuse and living from the heart.  The speech landed!!  Inspired many, including a 9 year old boy named: Angelo.

Stay tuned for the story to come.

Holding onto the microphone for dear life !!