In 2015 Francesca offered to cook for Brice Royer a former cancer patient after reading his bucket list; however, when Brice learnt about her situation it attracted his attention in a way she did not expect.

When Brice told me about the opportunity to volunteer with him, I was excited, because it was about sharing food. 

Brice Royer, the founder of Gift Economy Vancouver in 2015. Together with friends and a call out to the public, helped raise $25,000 to build Francesca and her 4 year old daughter a self-sufficient, solar-powered, 300-square-foot tiny home.  

20,000 lbs of veggies later, the random acts of generousity between the two,  prompted international media attention from the likes of CBC, CNN, GlobalNews, The Today Show, Vacouver Sun, TheNational, The Province, yummy mommy club,, vancity,  guide travel, goodnews network, and most recently shared in Europe.  

As Francesca continues her mission to end the silent epidemic of ongoing domestic violence against women, men and children, by healing our men too, her simple acts of kindness continues as she aims to live in alignment with her dharma.

Recognizing the need for proper support for men experiencing 
mental and emotional distress, she's creating a healing centre that will not only give men a place to go for healing, but supports men with resources, therapy, and training for emotional & mental well-being. 

Francesca continues to advocate for proper mental health support by raising awareness for more resources for women leaving domestic abuse, as well as men, and children experiencing mental distress.

In April 2017 this year, Francesca together with 7 heart based facilitators, successfully launched her  4 day pilot program for: Brothers In Arms Building Better Lives - a free program for men.

3.5 years ago, Francesca found herself in a continuous cycle with about 30 or so other women telling the same stories, and sharing the same frustrations and experiences in therapy, while living in a 2nd stage homeless shelter. Being a natural problem solver and recognizing a pattern among men, this quickly prompted the question of "Why?”. A few court cases later, she began asking “Why are we still suffering emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse, even after we've left our relationships?”. Surrounded by women in similar situations, they all looked at each other and she said "it’s as if they all read the same manual". That statement was closer to the bigger truth than Francesca realized at the time.  I remember thinking, its all "triggered", and if these men are being triggered by us even after we've left, then there must be something else that's causing this, something was either missing, broken, and not working as it should.  Very quickly after that Francesca began realizing that WE WERE ALL acting out of alignment of their truer selves.  It wasn't just the men, but the women too.  And while there was a lot of support for women in these circumstance, there wasn't much, if anything available for men.

During her 22 months in the shelter, Francesca quickly noticed that the other women were struggling. Knowing that she was stronger and better equipped to handle many adversities, and a natural problem solver by nature, she quickly began giving the women advice about resources and how they can help themselves, who they can contact, and even what questions they needed to ask the ministry, their lawyers or anyone that they were struggling with in the system. She began offering solutions suggestions or advice on various situations with the Ministry, Court, & Income Assistance.

As Francesca got to know each woman on a more personal level, they began sharing stories and fraustrations beyond what they would share in group therapy about their financial and other struggles quickly realizing that she wasn't the only one running out of money by the end of each month no matter how hard she tried to budget.

“I thought I was a horrible spender and needed to cut back on everything I was doing just to keep myself going (this limiting belief mindset came from psychological abuse). This thought made me quite depressed. So it was a relief to learn that it wasn't just me and that something was out of alignment with the system as well.”  

These findings made Francesca even more determined to find ways to help eleviate the burdens these women were all carrying that resulted in greater anger, depression, fraustration, and disheartened fatigue like behaviours.  

Francesca then set out on a mission to help these women a little, with no solid plan in mind, whenever someone new came into the shelter, I took them a bag of food, but after a few months, I found myself running out, I was literally down to sharing here you go, here is half a jug of my milk and half my bread etc....that's when I realized that perhaps I was biting off more than I can chew, and decided that it might be best to just help one person while I complete my own healing journey. That's when I came across Brice's story. 


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