Gratitude happens when we unleash the power of our hearts. The gift that keeps giving.

When I began this journey, it was to uplift those in need and spread love. Living in a 2nd stage women's shelter for 2 years, I found the opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping those who need it most, healing the world, and living my dream.  

Going through the various processes in the system while at the shelter, I quickly began noticing gaps that impacted the positive outcome, so I decided to gift my superb analytical skills to where it was needed most.  I started by applying my analytical skills to try and identify ways to bridge those gaps. That was when I realized that one of those immediate needs was to help the women by giving them advice and providing resources as  I discover them, this later on lead to me getting them just 1 or 2 of them to start what they need after they ran out of money each month. Then later on, I was able to start helping more, and more, and more, as these little acts of kindness grew. 

Today I am deeply humbled and honoured to have been nominated for the courage to come back award. Althought I did not receive the award, I am humbled just to be nominated for such an honour. This award is a form of recognition for those whom despite many many life adversities, has the courage to face them, and not only come back from those adversities, but go above and beyond to help others as they continue to help heal themselves. For the record, this nomination was a complete surprise, because I didn’t even know the awards existed!

This award is about our journeys and what we do when we are presented with some of life's most toughest challenges. I am very proud of myself, that despite my own mental health struggles in addition to the life lessons; to have come this far, as I continue to do the inner and spiritual work to find a formula / way to help heal depression, anxiety and fatigue. Yes, I do experiment on myself... those who know me well, know that I am the kind of analyst that goes inside 1st.  

I am humbled as my heart burst with gratitude towards all those whom have helped me come this far. No journey can be completed alone. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and I wish you all a lifetime of abundance and blessings from our creator universe.  I love you all.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pay it forwards by accepting my help, and thank you for giving me the courage that I needed by supporting me as I continue on this magical journey as it unfolds. Namaste.
I’ve purchased groceries for a few select women (women with the most needs).
I had free pumpkins delivered to the shelter and the YMCA Nanook House,  for all of the kids on Halloween. Compliments of Gods Little Acres Farms.

I’ve also thought the women at UBC Musqueam nations reserve; Microsoft word, for Helping Spirit Lodge / Spiritway, the shelter I stayed at. 

  The community has raised a total of 25,000 dollars to build a tiny home for me and my daughter.  We will be working with the city of Vancouver to get their approval of space in the City of Vancouver to place the tiny home.  The aim of this project is to provide the tiny homes as a long term place of transition for women like me or other homeless people.  Thanks to Brice Royer for helping make this happen for me.
The shelter (SpiritWay), as a result of me speaking up and shedding light on the lack of support, has for the 1st time allowed a woman with her 2 children to stay beyond the 18 month term while they assist her in her needs and search for permanent housing.
I’m currently working with a business coach on my business plan towards opening up a healing centre for men. I believe that if we are going to create harmonious parenting plans, then we need to heal our men too. Give them some love and healing.
Today July 5th, 2016 , I am very proud of myself that despite excrutiating circumstances and struggle towards getting on my feet, Today marks 8 MONTHS since I have purchased a phone and have been paying the bill for one of the women at the shelter. Although there were days when I struggled deeply, I pushed through it without once thinking that I should stop doing this beautiful act of kindness for another human being who is suffering. That being said, I haven't heard from her in about 2 months, but I've seen postings of her new life, as a result, I'm going to now stop this payment of her bill and begin my next act of kindness.

About 2 months ago, I was nominated for the Courage to come back award. I would like to thank everyone who supported this nomination. Although I did not receive the award, I am deeply honoured to have been nominated.

As I continue to walk the streets of Vancouver, combined with the deep spiritual and inner excavation work I've been doing, I'm amazed at how inspired I feel handing out a dollar here or there to a homeless person.  The feeling of fulfillment especially when I only have 20 bucks or less in my name is a natural high.  When I give less than a dollar I apologize to the homeless men because I know that living in Vancouver a dollar cannot buy anything, let alone less than that. Sometimes I feel guilt I can't give more, but, I'm always inspired by the thought of the man who give 'his last dollar' to help build a home for Charlotte and I.  I also now have a few homeless men who say Hi and smile with me as I walk by with a tip of the hat, and this just makes me glow even more from ear to ear.  The best reaction was from the man in Starbucks that counted the change I give him and said, wow, its a dollar, you give me a dollar, thank you.... filled my heart with warmth, and I felt like giving  everyone in startbucks my talk on the Power of Giving.  Yesterday on my way home, the old guy with the cane remembered me (I was surprised), he tipped his hat and said have a nice day with the biggest smile on his face ever!!  feeling filled with love. 

Two days ago, I saw a man with a sign that read "HIV & Hungry", Hungry struck my heart, so I walked to the nearest A&W and purchased a meal for him, Charlotte was excited and she wanted to place the order and give him the meal. The next day on my way to the bank a woman was asking for money for cat food and bus fare, we give her a little bit, not much at all, apologized and explained it was all I could afford. Charlotte said mommy, you just did a very kind thing.  When I got to the bank, the teller waived the fee I would have had to pay for my money order... I was smiling ear to ear. The power of giving.​ Easter
I’ve initiated and coordinated deliveries of over 20,000 lbs of food to the shelter (women in the shelter, and out in BC housing), every other week during the summer.  Some of this food even made its way to Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. Exceeded my goal. Thanks to Brice Royer, Diana Hombre & Rousseau for help making this happen.
I’ve had multiple Christmas hampers/baskets gourmet and essentials delivered personally by me to all of the women and their children from various organizations that opened up their hearts to donate and help me accomplish and exceed this goal. Thank you to all those who reached out to help make my Christmas wish come through, to uplift all of the women and children in the shelter.


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  1. Picking up presents for the shelter, December 2015
from: Bloom Collection, Phoenix Rising & Team.
    Picking up presents for the shelter, December 2015 from: Bloom Collection, Phoenix Rising & Team.
  2. Compliments of Bloomex, and other wonderful donors, we received over 40 baskets and essentials
    Compliments of Bloomex, and other wonderful donors, we received over 40 baskets and essentials
  1. Over 20,000 lbs of veggies delivered from: God's little acres farm
    Over 20,000 lbs of veggies delivered from: God's little acres farm
  2. Surplus even made it over to: Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House
    Surplus even made it over to: Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House
Halloweeen Pumpkins from God's little acres farm delivered to the YMCA Nanook House and the women's shelter.